Majority for furniture of many households are made of wood and wood composite materials. Wood-bearing larvae or powder-beetle larvae are pests which can damage wooden buildings or furniture. The Vins Bio Pest Control management program is meant to control this insect.

Why do you choose that service?

Severe pests can result to the deterioration for wooden beams or from the substitute of entire furnishings or flooring.

Vins Bio Pest Control detects and locates the infestation which is distinguished by distinctive yellow powder (frass) which is debris of tunnels dug by insects.

Our specialist technicians do proceed to classify it with proper means.

How's this working?

Our worker use chemical injection and treat the affected building in order to reduce that increasing stages with pests within the wood.

What am I going to get?

We include an annual maintenance plan that involves 4 services on a yearly basis with periodic reviews.

Why would I need it?

Such pests can cause significant aesthetic and architectural damage to furniture. Our solvent extraction protects against wood-bearing infestations.

Wood boring beetle care is the work of a specialist which requires significant inspection.

When found, we use specialized syringes and inject wood surfactant chemicals through holes made through wood borers and counter the infestation of wood aphids into your wooden furniture.

We also spray these chemicals that contain a base of petroleum to minimize damage.

As a qualified property management company, we ensure that there will be no mess when the use of the medication that major competitors will not sell. We'll make sure to render the best way to get rid of a wood borer.

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